Firm History

FOCAM Ltd., established in 1991 during privatization MŽ a.s. Olomouc, is following 40-years long tradition of original developing workshop. Since firm establishment there have been some very important investments into melting and forming technology. Owing to these facts the firm FOCAM has been able to respond to qualitative requirements of its customers.

FOCAM Ltd. is aimed at the small-scale and middle-scale production of castings ( prototypes, spare parts ,etc.). The main contents of production there are castings from ductile(SGI), grey,vermicular and alloyed cast-irons. 

The range of products si coupled with  casts of Al and Cu alloys poured to sand forms and moulds.

Company structure


Purchase, Sale, Finance, Attests, Accounting, Invoicing

                                    Lenka Johnová - Company director                                    00420 585 413 100


Technology, Development, Production cooperation

                                    Ladislav Gallas                                                                       00420 585 413 100


Production, Expedition, Metallurgy, OTK

                                   Peter Daniška                                                                         00420 585 413 100


Business and technical contact abroad

                           Ing. Zdeněk Herzán                                                                       00420 585 413 099
                                                                                                                                  00420 603 522 236


Additional information about FOCAM s. r. o.


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