Code of Conduct



At Focam, we  take  care  of warmth  and  interpersonal  relationships, not only in the workplace, but the company also
play an important role towards customers and business partners. That is why a Code of Conduct has been created.
This document is based on the principles of self-responsibility, loyalty, sincerity and, last but not least, respect for other people and the environment. These principles and values ​​are considered a fundamental duty of all of us, and all Focam employees adhere to this policy, creating a good corporate image.

The  Focam  Code  of  Conduct  is  an  elementary  commitment  for  all  Focam   employees,   leading  to   proper   and
responsible behavior on a daily work day. As  Focam  employees,  we realize that we are the company's representatives
in the business, we do and we contribute and support  Focam's  economic success with our work. We are a reliable and
ethically sound business partner, a negotiating partner, and the Code of Conduct determines the appropriate framework for action.

The basis of our society's difference  is  a  system  of ethical standards and our individual and collective will to do things well, beyond the rules and principles.We owe our success to our highly motivated and loyal employees as well as to our customers and partners. We therefore ask that you read this Code of Ethics carefully and return to it as often as necessary. Discuss this with your colleagues because you are the guarantor of our future success.


The whole document is available for download.